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Mockingjay Giveaway

I meant to type up this post yesterday, but time got away from me. By that I mean, if I think for even two seconds about the Mockingjay release date, time slows to a crawl and I want to go to bed and not wake up until 11:59pm on August 23rd. So I’m purposefully NOT thinking about it because when the day comes I think I might pee my pants I’m going to be so excited.

Did I mention I’m taking August 24th off of work? Yeah, I’m not messing around.

But in the meantime, I wanted to do a giveaway. A big giveaway, because it’s going to be international.



I’m giving away one copy of Mockingjay to two different winners anywhere in the world. And the reason I’m doing the giveaway *now* is because I will send the books out on August 24th so that I can get them to the winners as soon as possible.

The rules! One entry per household. Fill out the form below, and make sure you fill it out perfectly, because any entry that doesn’t have all the information will automatically be deleted. Open worldwide. Contest will close at 11:59pm PDT on August 23, 2010, and winners will be notified via email.

Of course, when you get the book, please be mindful of Ms. Collins’ wishes:

One of the most important things to me is that everyone in the world is going to be able to experience the final book of The Hunger Games all at the same time, and be able to discover what happens in the book without hearing about it elsewhere first. Word will certainly travel fast, but I urge you – before or immediately after August 24th – to please respect the other Hunger Games fans worldwide and avoid sharing any spoilers, so that the conclusion of Katniss’s story can unfold for each reader the way it was meant to unfold.

I think that’s it! Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

This giveaway is sponsored by me. Suzanne Collins doesn’t know who I am, nor does Scholastic. I wanted to do this to help my international friends and because I have a few extra bucks.

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