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The Love Child of Nicholas Sparks and Danielle Steele

Ever since I read that Nicholas Sparks “[doesn’t] write romance novels” and Danielle Steele’s books, according to her, “…[are] not really about romance“, I thought they should get married. And make babies.

Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?! Then they could raise a delusional human being into thinking that, oh, I don’t know, they don’t read romance novels…and of course their mom and dad don’t write the damned things.

So then I was thinking about what that baby might look like. Or who it might be.





I think this person already exists. Behold:

Can’t you just see her defending her parents, Nick and Dani? “Your dumb. They don’t write romance. It’s all about real life. It’s deep.”

Excuse me. I think I just puked in my mouth.


19 Responses to “The Love Child of Nicholas Sparks and Danielle Steele”

  1. Jess - A Book Hoarder

    Ahahahah!!! You may have just puked in your mouth but I think I may have just peed my pants from laughing…


  2. Pam ()

    Urm I watched The Notebook. It was full of cheese and romance with some bromance thrown in for good measure.


  3. Sandy

    I say we just lock them all up in a room together with all of their shitty books. Their love child probably wouldn’t be able to figure out all those big words.


  4. Jennifer-Girls Gone Reading ()

    HAHA!!! Hilarious! Is that why she forgets to wear underwear?!??! All the delusions 🙂


  5. Melissa Sarno ()

    But they DON’T write romance Trish! They Don’t! They really don’t!


  6. Michelle

    HA! I don’t even know what to say about this, it’s just too dang funny 🙂


  7. jenn ()

    Is it bad that instead of laughing in amusement, it was more of the wicked BWAAHAHAHAHA variety? I LOVE when people are in the middle of a rant or saying something insulting and then do something like type “your so stupid” or “your to ugly.” Cracks me up every time.

    Oh, the humanity.


  8. Caitlin

    Heh. Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steele and their love child, Paris Hilton, are all delusional (and apparently not terribly well educated because if they were they would know that it YOU’RE not YOUR – yeesh).

    Actually, the thing I find annoying about both authors’ assertions is that neither of them is able to own what they do. How pathetic is that? I guess that romance isn’t a respectable category of books despite the fact that millions of people read these every day and enjoy every second of them. I’m for reading – even of genres I don’t much like and I have no respect for people who can’t be proud of what they do and in the consequence disrespect their fans. Blech.


  9. Staci

    Especially because your should be You Are!!! She is dumb.


  10. Beth F ()

    Ha!!!!! I needed the laugh.


  11. Frankie

    I’m pondering your words as I brush back my chestnut locks from my large, alert hazel green eyes. I turn to my soulmate Blaze( who is very very rich,handsome,kind,strong,humble and adores me and only me) and ask him …….
    Oh for god’s sake,I can’t make up this stuff or read it. but I agree with Caitlin, if u write romance admit it. People buy it and enjoy it and make them very rich.


  12. Stacybuckeye ()

    LOL 🙂


  13. Robin of My Two Blessings ()



  14. zibilee ()

    Heehee, this post made my day! I have issues with both of these authors as well.


  15. Susan Gregg Gilmore ()

    funny, very funny!


  16. Melissa

    I seriously can’t stop laughing. This just made my day.


  17. MaNiC MoMMy ()

    Hilarious. Plus, she’s so dumb, there’s a typo on her shirt (unless I can’t see the whole thing?). But shouldn’t it say “You’re not” as in YOU ARE NOT?

    And I can’t stand Nicolas Sparks. I still stand by the fact that no guy can write that cheesy and it’s his wife writing it. And they use his picture on the books to get women to buy them. I mean, why would I want to pay to read some sap that’s going to make me cry? We all know something terrible is going to happen and someone is going to die. That’s entertaining.


  18. Lisa

    Can I just say how Paris it is that she has used the wrong spelling of “you’re” on the back of her shirt!


  19. Laurel-Rain Snow ()

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen and read in awhile! Yes, they’re definitely delusional….


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