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It’s a Boy!

We found out on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) that we’re having a boy! The sonogram picture that shows his junk will come later.

The sonogram tech double checked that we wanted to be told the gender when she got a good view of the genital region. However, girls don’t usually have anything sticking out between their legs, so I said, Let me guess? It’s a boy? She confirmed it’s a boy. Either the tech got a good shot or my boy will have at least one thing to be proud of.

The first thought that came to my mind was YES! A boy! When we’re on a road trip and he needs to pee, we’ll just pull over to the side of the road! The second thought that came to my mind was, Oh, at some point I’m going to look at my husband and wonder why our son is taking 30 minute showers and why I seem to run out of lotion so fast.

We’re on the hunt for baby names because we had a girl name picked out (Piper), but had stalled on the boy name. However, we have some good contenders! Of course, the last name has to be taken into account when picking out a name, and our last name is Collins. Here’s some ideas:

  • Thomas
  • Colin
  • Harper
  • Phil

I’m leaning towards Harper as a nod to one of my favorite publishers. Not sure about a middle name yet.


63 Responses to “It’s a Boy!”

  1. Anastasia ()

    Sometimes your sense of humor causes me heart attacks! lol.

    Congrats on the baby! 😀 Boys are exciting~


  2. Susan

    The same thing happened with my youngest son. Every time we went to the ultrasound for a check up, he would be proudly displaying the fact he was a boy! lol No mistaking what he had, either. Your story made me laugh and remember! Congratulations, by the way. I also liked the 30 minute shower comment, because it is true – that’s what our 22 year old son takes, far longer than any girl does.

    Love the names as well: Phil Collins! Harper Collins! Colin Collins! LOL you are having so much fun, aren’t you…..


  3. Carrie K. ()

    Okay, it took me a minute to realize you were kidding! You could go totally non-traditional and name him Suzanne – as in “boy named Sue.” LOL


  4. Caitlin

    Gratz! I love my boy – I think they’re easier on their Moms than girls are.


  5. Cath ()

    Mazel tov! Don’t be afraid of naming him something weird, an obscure literary name, even. I do like Colin Collins, though. 😉

    You’ll have to have another and go for a girl, though, Piper is too cute a name.


  6. JHS ()

    Congrats! As the mother of 2 boys, I can confirm that they are generally easier than girls. I have compared notes with my best friend, who has 2 girls, every step of the way. You will never need to carry feminine hygiene products in your trunk just in case and, hopefully, will never call your best friend — as she did me — from the dressing room after being thrown out by your adolescent daughter just as she was about to try on a bra for the first time. 🙂

    As a musician, I’m partial to Phil Collins. Put a guitar in his hands as soon as he’s old enough to hold it and strum . . . and hope he cuts you in on the royalties. You’ll be set for life.



  7. june seghni

    How about Wilkie Collins..(The Woman In White)


  8. june seghni

    or Tom Collins..for lovers of cocktails..


    june seghni Reply:

    oops,sorry..see you got to that one already !


  9. Sandy

    I’ve got one of each, so I think I am qualified to tell you that even though boys are full of it, they are so much easier when they hit the pubescent years (if you can overlook the long showers). My daughter is going to drive me right over the edge. Plus there is something really really special about a bond between a mother and her son. Congrats!


  10. rhapsodyinbooks ()

    Congrats! And I think Jill is a lovely name for a boy…


  11. Michelle

    LMAO! You crack me up.

    I’m partial to the Tom Collins myself but that’s just me.

    In all seriousness, congratulations again!


  12. bermudaonion (Kathy) ()



  13. Kelly ()

    I cast my vote for Thomas, as it is a nod to both a drink AND Rent. 🙂


  14. Kelly ()

    (Even though you’re obviously kidding.)


  15. Jody Harrington

    Congratulations, Trish! My daughter is expecting a boy as well. She actually took a poll on her blog about the name but isn’t promising to be bound by the results either 😉


  16. cbjames

    If you name him Colin and he joins the army and is promoted to the rank of Colonel he’d be Col. Colin Collins. Then after he retires he could start a business that bares his name called Col. Colin Collins Co. If his business was selling powdered hot chocolate mix he could call his producet Col. Colin Collins Co. Coco.

    This is fun.



    Molly@BookReviewsbyMolly Reply:

    Totally love this comment! :o)


    Veens Reply:

    Gosh! I love this comment too!

    Congrats Trish!! I hope you have a safe and fun delivery! :o)


  17. Christi Aldellizzi

    Congratulations!! I LOVE your choice of names, I’m kind of partial to Tom myself LOL


  18. Helen ()

    Congratulations! I loved knowing the gender of my baby before she was born. I felt like calling her by name created a real person inside me, not just “the baby”. Have fun with the name choosing!


  19. Jen Forbus ()

    Ha! Love your humor, Trish. So, so happy for you. Congratulations!!


  20. Trisha ()

    You are so hilarious. Congrats yet again.


  21. Lenore ()

    Oooh yes! But since Harper might be too obvious, go with Harpo!


  22. Jenny ()

    Hahahaha, you’re funny. And congratulations!!! How exciting!


  23. Amused ()

    Congratulations! Lovin’ the names 🙂


  24. Jeane

    A boy! Congrats! My in-laws are really starting to bug us about knowing the gender, but the first sonogram where they might be able to tell isn’t for a few weeks yet. They’re more anxious to know than I am! I haven’t even begun seriously thinking of names yet.


  25. Bibliophile By the Sea

    LOL….you are so funny. I am liking the names you have selected (Colin) especially seems quite popular over the last 10 years or so.


  26. Staci

    Oh the things the boys will find to pee on!! Have fun!


  27. Carina ()

    Congrats! Your commentary on the boy-ness made me laugh out loud when I read it earlier, and had to then read it aloud for my roommate. 😉


  28. zibilee ()

    YAY! A boy! I am so super thrilled for you and think that all your name choices are wonderful as well. I like the idea of Harper, but also really like Colin.


  29. Coffee and a Book Chick

    Congratulations! I love a good Irish name, so I of course love Colin, too!


  30. Nikki ()

    Congrats on the boy! I have one buy and am expecting another in a couple months. Boys are great. FWIW, my four year old refuses to pee standing up outdoors. It’s a pain.
    I’m all about Tom Collins.


  31. Darlene ()

    Congrats Trish! That is such awesome news. You cracked me up on those names!


  32. Lu ()

    Colin Collins has such a lovely ring to it! Congrats 🙂


  33. Valerie ()

    Congrats on the boy! Discussing baby names sure is a fun thing 🙂


  34. june seghni

    If you’re a Jane Austin fan,how about William,after the annoying Mr.Collins,the vicar in Pride and Prejudice…(actually my father’s name too !)


  35. Florinda ()

    Congrats! Having raised a boy myself, I can say you’re in for interesting times

    I have a nephew named Thomas, but his last name is NOT Collins, so I don’t think he’s fated to a future spent in bars :)!

    2011 will be the Year of the Book-Blogger Babies.


  36. Trish ()

    Congrats Trish!! We think we’re having a boy but will find out tomorrow. Strangely we don’t have any boy names either (or at least names that don’t shorten to Billy Bob).

    I kind of like Tom Collins… 😉


  37. Jennygirl

    Congrats on the boy! woo-hoo! Before I saw your last name (which I already knew but I forgot) I thought, “Oh Colin would be a great name.” Yea, that’s so not happening. Love all of your ideas too. You crazy red-head!

    I like Jack….Jack Collins sounds good. Congrats again and get to picking girl! I really liked Piper too. Fan of Charmed???
    Have a good week sweetie 🙂


  38. Virginia

    Congratulations. Your choice of names are good. I have a suggestion, tho, why not your maiden name for his first name …worked for me.
    Good luck !


  39. Sheila DeChantal ()

    SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEE!!!!! Congratulations! Great boy names!


  40. Beth F ()

    Harper all the way. You are too funny. May you continue to have an uneventful and healthy pregnancy.


  41. Amanda ()

    Congrats! I was guessing it would be a boy with your lack of sickness and all. 😀


  42. Jael ()

    Congrats. Colin Collins might be a bit much. What about Jack? Although Thomas sounds nice too.


  43. Jackie (Farm Lane Books) ()

    LOL! I have to admit it took me a long time to click. I read the post first thing this morning and was thinking what a lovely name Harper is. It wasn’t until this afternoon that I suddenly clicked your surname was Collins and began to think ‘What is she thinking!?! I came back to check and and relieved to see you aren’t serious! Or at least hope you not. I think my problem was that I have no idea who Thomas Collins is and that name was top of the list. Please can you post this type of thing on April Fools day so that I don’t get confused!!


  44. Diane

    Congratulations. Love the names! Please let us in on new ones you cook up. This baby is famous already. . .


  45. TexasRed ()


    We’re expecting 2 boys in February. Should be a handful!


  46. Ivy

    Harper, by all means. Congratulations!


  47. melanie ()

    Oh, you are a hoot! Congratulations. One thing is for sure, we won’t have to worry about the baby having a sense of humor! I’m so very excited for you and little Colin Harper Collins. 🙂
    Let me know if you need anything.


  48. Emily

    Congrats!! 🙂


  49. avisannschild

    I’m with Jackie, it took me a while to twig that you were being silly with the names! (And I confess I also didn’t know what a Tom Collins was.) Congrats again!


  50. Debbie's World of Books ()

    Congratulations! I haveto sayat 4 months our son is so far much easier going than our daughter was thank goodness.


  51. Lisa Richardson ()

    We tried hard to find an unusual and uncommon name, and ended up with Tucker Chase. I loved the combination and often call him Tuck for short. We thought if there is ever another boy we might follow the unusual car route, and go with Cooper Trace, or not. A friend of mine named her little boy Chance, as the doctors had told her there was no chance she would ever conceive!

    Best wishes and enjoy your pregnancy!


  52. Molly@BookReviewsbyMolly ()

    First, Trish, let me say congrats! I have TWO boys and oh what fun they are! 🙂 Next, let me say that, I am partial to Harper Collins publishers too, so I have to vote for Harper Collins. Of course, you could name him Harper Thomas Collins and have two of your choices in one 🙂 Again, congrats and hope to see some pics when the little man arrives!



  53. Anna

    Congrats! I’m so happy for you both.


  54. Serena ()

    Well you are the opposite of my husband and I…we had a boy’s name ready to go, but now we’re stuck on a girl’s name.


  55. Callista ()


    Oh I didn’t even know you were pregnant. I’ve been so busy with my pregnancy and morning sickness that I am just getting back to reading others blogs. I guess I missed a lot. We must be due around the same time if you just found out this week. I found out a week and a half ago that I’m expecting a boy too!

    We’re so happy as we already have two girls. So what week are you at? I’m 22 weeks this week. My due date is Apr. 3 but we are having a schedule c-section March. 28.

    Are you still waiting for first movements? Should be any time now. Will feel like small muscle twitches at first in very low abdomen. You won’t be sure at first till it happens a few times. Often happens more after you eat and when you are at rest.


  56. Meg ()

    I definitely feel like a world-class jerk because I had no idea you were expecting . . . a hearty congratulations to you and your husband (and family!), and congrats on having a boy! So exciting.


  57. kathy

    Love your blog, sense of humor! As mother of 4 boys I can tell you that is a wonderful wild crazy adventure EVERY day! It is a wonderful life and you are very fortunate, take care of yourself. Happy Holidays !


  58. Kathleen



  59. Kaye

    Good choices of names ( she says with tongue in cheek) How about Tom? That goes good with Collins. When one of my cousins was pregnant and her last name is Tower, her brother suggested she name the baby Eiffel. Needless to say that did not go over so well. Congrats!


  60. Esme

    Trish. how exciting for your. All those names are great names.


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