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The word quickening, referring to the movement of a baby in utero being felt by the woman, has always been my favorite way to think about feeling a baby kick for the first time. It sounds magical, almost like the baby is zapped alive at that point.

Last night I felt the baby quicken.

I started my 22nd week yesterday, and I was starting to get just a little bit nervous that I hadn’t felt the bebe yet. I hadn’t felt anything like people described as a baby moving in your belly: popcorn popping, bubbles, gas, etc. Since I knew I was supposed to be feeling it any time now, I was paying extra close attention to my belly, but nothing was happening. I pay pretty close attention to my body, so I knew that I probably hadn’t missed anything. On Sunday I felt something, but it was quick and didn’t happen again. I felt it again the next night, but again, it was so brief that I wondered if I’d perhaps imagined it. Dave was gone Monday night and Tuesday night at a training, so I took those nights to pay attention to my belly, holding my hand there until I fell asleep, waiting to feel something.

Then last night, both Dave and I put our hands on my belly as we were lying in bed, and I felt a little pop. “Did you feel that?” I asked him. It happened three times, and I finally said, “Are you doing that?” “Doing what?” Then I felt a definite kick, and had him put his hand on my belly without my hand. That’s when we got  a nice big kick!

It’s so funny that the bebe chose last night to start being active, almost like he was waiting for Dave to get back home. I know that’s such a silly thought, but these pregnancy hormones make me want to cry when I think about that! So ridiculous. 😉

With the quickening, I feel like I’ve finally reached my last milestone. I know there’s so much farther to go, but with this first pregnancy, the possibility of losing the baby has been niggling at the back of my mind. I think I can let that go now.

But the other thing that I’ve started thinking about a lot recently is, What the heck have I gotten myself into?! Eighteen years! And that’s just until he becomes responsible for himself, that doesn’t include all the worrying I’ll do until the day I die. Oy vey.


29 Responses to “Quickening”

  1. Anna

    It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? I’m so happy for you both!


  2. Melissa ()

    Wow! So exciting! I’m so happy for you dear. Can’t wait to meet the little man!


  3. Caitlin Martin ()

    Happy, happy!

    In some ways I still miss feeling my son move around – I used to talk to him and he’d move and it felt so nice & close. Our upstairs neighbor at the time was a singer/songwriter who played gorgeous 12-string guitar and when she would play my son would dance.

    So cool!



  4. Jeane

    Oh, that’s so thrilling! I’m just at nineteen weeks, and haven’t felt anything definite yet. Every now and then something feels like a bubble, but I don’t feel sure about it actually being the baby… I can’t wait for a real, honest-to-goodness kick! (Although then will come the time when baby kicks keep me up all night)


  5. Michelle

    Yay for bebe kicks! That is fabulous news and I’m so excited that Dave was home to experience it with you. As for the worrying, gear up baby I worry about S every single day and she’s not even my birth child, LOL.


  6. Carrie K. ()

    I remember so well the first time I felt my firstborn kick – I was watching TV and Eric Clapton was playing Layla. 🙂 Congrats on another milestone.


  7. Amanda

    Congrats! I’m about five weeks behind you and can’t wait to feel the little guy or girl 🙂


  8. Kylie Purdie

    Those first movements are so special. It’s the thing I miss most about pregnancy, those movements inside you. It’s when I felt most connected with my unborn babies.


  9. Callista ()

    Yay! I agree, quickening is an awesome word for it. In a couple of weeks, that baby will be kicking the **** out of your stomach. I’ve felt movement for the last 5 weeks or so and just recently he’s been kicking so hard, you can see my belly move from the outside! You’ll start to notice patterns too. Mine kicks when loud music is playing or my hubby is playing shooting games on the PS3.


  10. Staci

    I loved it when it happened to me. I always thought it felt like butterflies moving around…fluttering their wings 😀


  11. Suey ()

    Welcome to the best best best part of being pregnant! So very cool. And just so you know, absolutely nothing magical happens when they turn 18! Responsible for himself? That’s just a theory! Just so you know….


  12. Nikki ()

    Oh yes, the quickening is awesome. It took me until about twenty weeks with my first to feel movement but with this second it was at fourteen weeks. You might just have a really laid back baby….you’ll belucky if that’s the case!


  13. JHS ()

    Reading that brought back so many memories . . . it’s such a special time. Savor and enjoy it! It passes quickly, as will the next 18 years. 🙂 Then you’ll be wondering what happened to all that time & the little one — who is suddenly very, very big and eating you out of house and home! My boys tower over me & sometimes I really miss the days when they would run to me, yelling, “Maaaaaaaaammmmmmmaaaaaaaaa!” and grab my legs. I remember my mother stroking my oldest’s cheek when he was a baby & saying, “Just think. Some day this soft little face will have whiskers.” I remember rolling my eyes and thinking, “oh, my crazy mother is at it again.” But now I know just what she was getting at.

    Congratulations and best wishes with the remainder of the pregnancy. I’ll be reading, anxious to hear about all the developments and revelations.


  14. zibilee ()

    Oh wow! This is so exciting and I am so glad that your husband was there to feel it for the first time. I am so very happy for you guys and think that this is such a magical time for the both of you. I love reading your pregnancy updates and getting the chance hear all about the cool things that are happening to you right now! Great post that made my day!


  15. Mumsy

    Oh, what a joy. I loved that part of being pregnant.

    *giggles* Eighteen years? The only thing that changes at 18 is that you become utterly helpless to protect them…but weighing in the balance are all the times they’ve brought delight to your heart – and this lovely moment today is the first of many to come.


  16. Jenn's Bookshelves ()

    Aww! I got all goosebumpily reading this. I distinctly remember feeling this with each of my boys. It is a wonderful moment! Yay!


  17. Jennygirl

    I would think this makes it real for you now, whereas before yes, you know you’re preggers but it may still be a little abstract. Now you can all connect through touch and it’s amazing.

    Excellent news!


  18. Tanya

    So happy you finally felt bebe moving! Such a cool thing to sit and realize that there is a life in there! Yay for 22 weeks 🙂


  19. Amused ()

    I’m smiling over here! Congrats!


  20. donstuff

    How great for you! Congratulations.


  21. Lisa

    As excited as I was when my kids were born, I so missed having them move around inside me. Coolest thing in the world to really be able to tell that there’s a living being inside of you! 18 years? Ha! My 22yo was here tonight then headed off to hang out with friends before heading home 60 miles from here. I made him take a soda to have caffeine to stay awake on the drive home. I reminded him not to leave to late so that he was sleepy. I reminded him that drinking when he had to drive was a bad idea. You NEVER stop feeling responsible for them!


  22. Teddy

    I can’t tell you how excited I am for you Trish. (A little green with envy because I never have been able to have the experience). You are going to be a great mommy. I bet your babe will be born a bookaholic like you too. LOL!


  23. Veens

    Well in my 8th month, I could see him move 🙂 that is way cool!! The tummy just moves when they move their hands or legs 🙂

    God bless!


  24. Kathleen

    That is such an awesome moment! I can remember the first time I felt my son kick. I was like you and not entirely sure about what I had felt. You have much to look forward to over these coming months and years!


  25. Regina

    Awwww I love baby kicks…until they learn to kick you in the bladder. That was always Eddie’s favorite place to kick me.

    I always found it so strange that you can go half your pregnancy without feeling a thing. Crazy that something can be living inside of you and you can’t feel it.

    Belly rubs from me.


  26. Meg @ write meg! ()

    How exciting! So happy for you. Enjoy this awesome time.


  27. Beth F ()

    Awwww. What a great Christmas treat.


  28. Stacybuckeye ()

    That’s the best milestone! Congratulations. Feeling the baby move really was the best thing about pregnancy. It’s amazing, isn’t it?


  29. melanie ()

    So excited for you both! It really is another step closer and a big step at that.
    As for looking ahead 18 years….whoa, mama. Once he is here it will be a blur, like fast forward Not every day, like the sleep deprived ones, but each year feels like it goes by quicker. And then you’ll have this post to remind you of the anticipation. And you might cry some more 🙂
    Oh I’m giddy when I think of how much fun it’ll be to follow along with your mama stories.


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