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Pregnancy Update – 38 weeks

I’ve been on maternity leave for two weeks now, and I mistakenly thought I’d have more time to blog. Somehow I forgot that the baby’s room wasn’t ready, the gifts I received hadn’t yet been put away, and my home business needed some serious catching up. Whoops! I guess this is indicative of the many miscalculations I’ll make as a new mom? 😉

The pregnancy has been going great! I had to do a 24 hour urine collection because one of my urine tests came back with a ridiculous amount of sugar in it. The doctor was worried about pre-eclampsia, but I knew that I’d just not eaten the right thing for breakfast. But I did the urine collection, which, let me tell you, is a pain in the ass. If you don’t collect ONE of your urine movements, you have to start the whole thing over. I ended up having a stress induced urine dream, where someone tossed my urine away without asking me what it was for. I think I may have cried.

My feet are swollen so much that the only shoes I can wear now are flip flops. They don’t hurt, but they’re about as ugly as they come:

Those aren’t feet. Those are sausages that bend in the middle.

Sometimes they’ll even turn purple. At least they’re interesting to look at, in a gross-pictures-of-weird-diseases kind of a way.

I’m seeing a midwife, but we’re planning on heading to the hospital when I’m 8 centimeters or so. I’d like a home birth and my husband would be more comfortable with a hospital birth, so this is our compromise. At my last appointment with the midwife, I made her guess when the baby might come. Most first time babies are late, but based on some things I’ve been experiencing, the midwife thinks the baby could be early. It’s quite possible the baby will still be on time or late, but it certainly helps light a fire under the bottoms of people who I’m relying on to get things done before the baby comes!

Since I could use more time before the baby comes, I’ve been talking to the baby and telling him that I’d really prefer that he not come before next Wednesday. He can come at that time, or he can come even later than that if he wants! But I need him to stay warm and cozy until Wednesday. Can’t hurt to ask, right?

I told a friend (hi, Jody!) about this, and she said that she kept telling her daughter to come early and come at night (when her daughter was due, there was a lot of construction on our local highway and they wanted a clear path to the hospital) and her daughter was two weeks early and her water broke at 2:30 in the morning. If it worked for her, why can’t it work for me? 😉


43 Responses to “Pregnancy Update – 38 weeks”

  1. Pam van Hylckama Vlieg ()

    Awwww! Yeah I had to wear flip flops for 3 months! That everything you are remembering you need to do right now thing is called ‘nesting’ and it probably means you are gonna drop soon! Just pray that when your feet go back to normal size you aren’t 2 shoe sizes larger. *tear I still miss my shoes I can’t ever wear again.


  2. Michelle @ The True Book Addict ()

    Wow…you’re getting close! I remember what you’re feeling right about now. Probably excited and overwhelmed all at once. And, hey…my feet looked just like that with my first one! They might have even been worse. Yeah, the shoe choices were pretty limited. I’m so excited for you and I wish you a safe and happy birth. 🙂


  3. Cath ()

    Dang! I don’t remember my feet getting too swollen, but they are a bit wider than they used to be after two kids. Along with the rest of me.

    My husband and I agreed on a midwife hospital set up, too. It was as close I was going to get to a home birth, but it turned out pretty great. Good luck!


  4. Vania ()

    You’re so cute!!! Love these updates!!! Cant wait to see the little one!


  5. Literary Feline ()

    My feet swelled up too–and something I am glad I was warned about before hand is that they swelled up after several days. I also asked my baby to come on a certain day and she did just that. I started my (pre-planned) maternity leave the day I went into labor–talk about good timing!

    I am sorry you had to do the urine test. I avoided that somehow, although there was some talk that I would have had to do it if my blood pressure went up any higher. I did have gestational diabetes and that was enough of a headache.

    God luck with everything! The hardest part is yet to come. You think you are tired now… Just wait!


  6. Literary Feline ()

    Swelled up after the birth as well, I mean.


  7. Sandy

    Oh, your poor feet. That month it was was all about the Birkenstocks for me (didn’t even want a thingy between my toes). I hope you have a wonderful experience. Not all first babies come late…my daughter came 3.5 weeks early (and she was 7.5 pounds so this was a good thing) and my water broke at a doctor’s appointment. I’m excited for you! Keep us posted!


  8. Kylie Purdie

    Down hill run now! Both of my babies came a couple of days early, so it’s more than possible. Good luck!


  9. Anna

    I wanted The Girl to be early and she was two weeks late. But knowing her personality now, that makes so much sense that she wouldn’t want to listen to me. Hope you do better on that front. 😉

    I can sympathize with the swollen feet. Flip flops and slippers were my best friends!


  10. bermudaonion (Kathy) ()

    I’m glad the pregnancy has gone great, even with the sausage feet. My baby came 2.5 weeks early. It was kind of strange, because I never got to the tired of being pregnant stage until the night before he was born. I proclaimed, “I’m ready for the baby to come,” and he appeared the next day, so I do think telling him to wait a few days might work for you!


  11. Kay

    Oh, your poor little feet! I remember that and remember having the most ugly pair of sandals I had to wear to work (they didn’t allow flip-flops). I threw them away after my daughter was born!

    Good luck with everything. It’s a wonderful time and a tough time. Things will never be quite the same again, but in a good way. Hugs!


  12. Michelle

    Your poor footies!

    I think speaking nicely to the boy is an excellent decision. Perhaps you can start training him early 😉


  13. Virginia

    Wow. Your feet look just like mine did when I was pregnant with my first one. I shall also guess you’ll go early based on your feet. 😉

    We had our first daughter in undergrad. My husband had a huge test on her due date and he kept telling her to just come the week before (she was due on a Saturday) because that worked with his schedule.

    That stinker was born exactly one week before on the Saturday my husband requested.


  14. JHS ()

    Wow, those look familiar. The good news is that they will revert to normal. Hope the baby listens to you and stays put for as long as you want him/her to!! And that all goes smoothly with the delivery.


  15. Carrie K. ()

    My feet looked like that, too. And I had no luck telling my babies when to come – but hopefully you will! 🙂 Glad everything is going well – will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a quick and safe delivery.


  16. Michelle V ()

    I had feet like that with both of my kids, and I ended up on bed rest toward the end because of it. It’s no fun. Poor thing! I’m praying for you and the baby!


  17. Kathleen

    Oh how I do remember the last days before my son was born. I really was just ready for him to be born so I could stop waiting for it all to happen! Wishing you all the best as you get ready for your birth. My son just turned 17 this week and boy has the time gone fast. Enjoy every moment!


  18. Jeane

    My feet don’t swell but my hands sure do, for some reason! I’m right behind you- my baby’s due in four weeks but I can’t believe I have to wait that long! The baby’s already dropped and I look so huge people are asking me all the time now when she’s gonna come. I sure hope I deliver early- my last baby was a week and half late, and I just got so tired. I hope it happens soon for you! Can’t wait to see the little face!

    Last time I wanted to have a midwife and we went to a birthing center, that seemed pretty middle between at home or the hospital. This time we’re just going straight to the hospital…


  19. Jen - Devourer of Books ()

    Oh my gosh, your feet! I’m sort of surprised they haven’t put you on bed rest. My midwives were totally annoying about my ankle swelling and mine didn’t swell up nearly that badly (also it was a billion degrees and June). Good luck, I hope that your sweet little baby listens to your requests!


  20. Holly

    Almost there! One of mine was 2 weeks late and one was 2 weeks early, which was good because he was 8.2 at 2 weeks early!

    I had nurse midwives , but delivered my children at the hospital. It was the best compromise. My oldest son was born with a previously undiagnosed heart condition and if he’d been born at home, we would have lost him. So I had the comfort of the midwife, but the available and necessary medical intervention that my son ended up needing.

    I’m so excited for you!


  21. Melissa ()

    Oh my goodness! Your poor feet. I can’t believe you’ve been pregnant for 38 weeks and I haven’t seen you and when I see you next you will have a baby. Time flies! I hope the baby comes on the day you want him to. I’m so excited and happy for you and Dave! How will T and I get the birth announcement? Are you on facebook or something? Otherwise I’ll be plastered to the blog waiting!


  22. Mumsy

    Poor footies! Stay away from the sodium and flush with lots of water. Good luck with the big day!


  23. RedHeadedBookChild

    Your poor feet. i had my husband come and look at them and ask if mine were like that!
    Well, you only have a few weeks to go!!! Good luck!

    Take care,


  24. Trish ()

    Oh dear Trish–those feet. I’ve been pretty lucky with the swelling, but now that our temps are in the high 80s I can feel it coming on more and more. I just try to keep moving–if I’m stationary that’s when everything seems to pool.

    And I’ve been telling baby girl she needs to wait until at least after the readathon (yes, I’m crazy enough to participate at least part of the time). Other than that, I wouldn’t mind her being a bit early. I’m just so eager to meet baby!

    Glad you’re feeling mostly good. Don’t stress or fret too much Missy!!


  25. Heather Rosdol ()

    Oh, I’m so sorry for the urine test and the feet. My God, they look so uncomfortable. I hope the baby stays in until you’re ready, but they don’t listen. Mine came at 32 and 34 weeks. All the birthing classes we took never prepared us for that!



  26. softdrink ()

    Your poor feetsies.

    And I’m getting the feeling that no one wants to wait two more weeks so that their baby can share a birthday with me. *sigh*


  27. Lisa Richardson ()

    My feet were like that too, and I hated it. I will say that at the doctor’s suggestion I ate a lot of watermelon, and yes, I pee’d like a race horse after, but my the swelling in my feet went down. Can’t hurt, might help.

    Best of luck, and once that little guy is in your arms, everything else will pale in comparison. That fresh baby smell and sweet little toes and chubbies are the best! Impatiently waiting for my second grandson, due in July!


  28. Beth F ()

    Despite the feet, so glad everything is going well. Hope the little guy listens to your pleas….


  29. Robin

    Oh your poor feet. I swelled up like that. Was wearing sneakers for a couple months. I did have pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. Just one warning – If they decide to induce – don’t. I went that route and they gave me pitocin and magnesiam sulfate together. The MS is for the water retention and blood pressure. The combo stresses out your heart, causes complications. If I had to do it all over again, would have choose c-section right away. Don’t want to stress you out but when I see pictures like that, it concerns me. *hugs darlin*


  30. amy

    Wow! Todd says that your photo has cured him of any foot fetishes he might have had. Hope little-he listen’s and you get your wish on the date. Am so excited for you both! LOVE you, Amy and Todd


  31. Sheila DeChantal ()

    Great post to read… oh the memories…. 🙂 I cant wait to meet your little one


  32. motheretc

    Yikes! I remember when my feet were like that! I just wore crocs and velcro flap sneakers. It lasted for months even after the baby was born but don’t worry, it does eventually go away. Drink lots of water!


  33. mari ()

    Time to put your feet up and relax. My feet didn’t swell until after delivery. So uncomfortable. Take care.


  34. Lisa Munley ()

    I’m glad you’re going to the hospital. Home births scare me. Hugs to you and your new ‘punkin to be. And don’t worry about our little home based business.. everything will be fine.


  35. Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe

    Telling your little one not to come till a certain day. That is so cute, never thought to ask. He/she must be very smart to know what that is already. LOL what a great idea prepanned birth….


  36. Teddy ()

    Wow, it seems like it was just yesterday that you made the big announcement and now your almost there! Your poor feet, I’m glad they don’t hurt. I can hardly wait to meet your boy.


  37. Diane@BibliophileBytheSea

    The saying “my aching feet” has new meaning after viewing your poor pigs….Trish hope u and that little one get a long rest soon.


  38. Lisa

    Hope you’re doing well and getting every thing done that you want done. And that your little guy listens to you at least this once in his life!


  39. Nan

    Good luck getting everything done and ready. I hope everything continues to go well. 🙂


  40. Jennygirl

    Poor Trish! I’m sure feet will go back to normal but make sure you keep those feet elevated. Baby will be here before you know it 🙂


  41. Emily

    You never told us how you are decorating the baby’s room. What is the theme? Is it book related? Does he already have a little library started? If so, what is in it?


  42. Susan

    Your feet look pretty serious. I would be on bedrest about now if I were you. Take care of you and your baby in there. I don’t mean to scare you but I am a nurse.


  43. Cyndi Tefft ()

    Only a little while left to go. You’re almost there! Oh, your poor tootsies… They will go back to normal size once the kiddo arrives. Best of luck to you and congrats!



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