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Baby Ethan – Pictures and the Birth Story

Ethan was born on Tuesday, April 12th at 2:14pm. He was 9.1 pounds and 20 inches long. This is his story.

Before I got pregnant, I knew I wanted a home birth. I’d been reading some crunchy parenting blogs and had no doubt what would be best for my baby and me. However, when I got pregnant and started talking to my husband about a possible home birth, he expressed concerns, particularly in regards to my health. While I ended up being the perfect candidate for a home birth (not only health-wise, but the whole labor was very uneventful), I didn’t want to disregard my husband’s concerns, nor did I want our first parenting decision to be me ignoring what he was concerned about. I offered a compromise: I would hire a midwife to follow us throughout the pregnancy, and when I went into labor, I’d labor at home as long as possible, and then we would all go to the hospital at the last possible minute (which we ended up agreeing would be around 8 centimeters dilated, but would also depend on how fast I was progressing) and the midwife would be at the hospital with us as a doula. I’m so happy that we were able to come to this agreement, because everything worked out better than I could have hoped.

I woke up around 5:15am on Tuesday morning with some cramping. Initially I thought it was menstrual-like cramping, but then it stopped, which was more like a contraction and nothing that I’d had up until that point. I laid in bed trying to go back to sleep when I had another contraction, this time with a definite start and stop. It happened again, probably about 10 minutes later. I decided to get up to go to the bathroom, and felt a gush. I made it to the bathroom before any of my water fell to the floor, but I was pretty sure my water just broke. I called my midwife to tell her what happened, and she encouraged me to try to go back to sleep. I’d already tried to go back to sleep, so I turned on my computer to do a little work.

My husband had an appointment in Sacramento (about 2 hours away) that day, and I encouraged him to go, because when does a first labor happen so quickly that he’d need to be back by noon? I sent him to the store first, though, to get me some diapers, because now I was sure that the gush of water wasn’t me losing control of my bladder but was definitely my water breaking. My husband decided to stay in town and not go to Sacramento, because he said he had more important things to do in the office if the baby was going to be born soon.

I was able to send out a few emails to my business partner and clients to let them know what was going on, but that was it. Contractions were generally 30 seconds long and 5 minutes apart — much closer than I thought they’d be after just a couple of hours of labor. It made it impossible to do anything but wait for each contraction to pass.

I wasn’t sure when to call my MIL because I didn’t want people pestering me about how labor was going. But things seemed to be progressing pretty fast, so I called her around 7:30 or 8:00am.

By 10:00am, I’d called my midwife 3 times after the initial phone call. Once to confirm my water had broken, a second time to ask her if labor progressing this fast was normal (by that time I think contractions were about 2 minutes apart and lasting around 45 seconds), and a third time to tell her that I needed her to come ASAP. I didn’t know it at the time, but another client of hers had her water break at 5:30am that morning as well, so my midwife had to guess who would deliver first. She guessed I would, and boy, was she right!

My husband had returned home around 9:30am and started busying himself around the house. The midwife showed up around 11:00am and she and my husband started working on the birthing pool. I wanted a birthing pool even though we were planning on transporting to the hospital around 8 centimeters. When my midwife first arrived and checked my cervix, she said I was 4-5 centimeters dilated. I was disappointed that I wasn’t farther along, because the pain was getting intense.

The midwife asked how I wanted the labor to progress, whether I wanted it to go faster or slow down. I wanted it over with, so I told her I wanted it to speed up. She had me lie on my left side with my hips angled towards the bed. Sure enough, the contractions got stronger.

It was around 12:30pm that the birthing pool was ready, and I got right in. After one contraction, my midwife wanted to check my cervix again, and said I was 7-8 centimeters and we needed to GO NOW. I waited through one more contraction, practically jumped out of the pool, and we hauled off to the hospital. The drive wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I only had to deal with three contractions in the car.

We arrived at the hospital around 1:00pm and I walked right in to Labor & Delivery. I think they were shocked that I came in so far progressed! At this point, anything anyone wanted me to do made me angry. They wanted a pee sample, and the first thing out of my mouth to the hospital midwife was “F*ck you.” They wanted me on the bed, but it was so painful to move, and even more painful to lay down, that I didn’t get on the bed until I was getting the urge to push. I did, however, let them check my progress when I first got to the hospital, and they let me know I was at 8 centimeters. I got off the bed and stood while the contractions continued.

When I got on the bed after having a few uncontrollable urges to bear down, the hospital midwife checked me and I was 9.5 centimeters dilated. One contraction later I was fully dilated and I started pushing. I pushed for about 15 minutes, and my 9.1 pound, 20 inch long baby boy was delivered! From start to finish, I was in labor for 9 hours. It was such a surreal experience, because nothing that I read and nothing in our class prepared me for the possibility that a first time mom would have such a fast labor (though I know it’s impossible to prepare moms for every eventuality…I just didn’t think labor would happen that first the first time!).

I ended up having a third degree tear. If I’d been in the hospital any sooner than 8 centimeters, I’m sure I would have taken the pain medicine. Maybe not, since I had my midwives/doulas there with me, but a few times at home I said to one of the midwives who’d come to assist my midwife, “I don’t think I can do this.” I’m sure that I was able to do the natural birth because of the team I had around me.

I thought I’d be more interested in my baby when they laid him on my tummy, but I was kind of in another world at that point. One of my midwives told me a few times to talk to my baby, but I didn’t know what to say. I was surprised I didn’t feel that rush from natural birth that people talk about, and I didn’t feel a particular rush of love for this baby laying on my chest. The love has come a little slower than I thought it would, but has manifested itself at times that surprised me. For example, hearing my baby cry after they took him to weigh him, and watching my husband hold our newborn. It’s possible that the rush of love didn’t happen the second he was laid on my chest because I was so exhausted from the whole process. It didn’t take long for me to be completely enamored with him, though!

My birth went pretty much exactly as I hoped and planned, though it went faster than I ever thought possible!

Three weeks after the birth, we’re starting to get into a routine. My husband and I still change diapers together. The baby wakes up twice in the night to feed and have his diaper changed.

The only thing that’s surprised me is how time consuming a baby is. People told me how time consuming he would be, but I didn’t believe that would be my reality. Ah, the ignorance of the uneducated. 🙂

All in all, we’ve been extremely lucky. The pregnancy was (relatively) easy and uncomplicated. The labor and delivery was quick and straight forward. Ethan is a great baby so far — he only cries when he needs a diaper change or is hungry. I’ve treasured this time my husband and I have had together since the baby was born. Seeing him with our baby has made me love him even more.

What do you remember from the first few weeks of your baby’s life?


80 Responses to “Baby Ethan – Pictures and the Birth Story”

  1. softdrink ()

    Congratulations Trish! He’s a cutie!


  2. The Social Frog ()

    Congrats!!! He is so sweet 🙂


  3. Becky West

    You forgot to mention the beefcake was a week early! Beefcake!!!!


  4. Tricia

    Congrats Trish! I love reading birth stories. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Michelle @ The True Book Addict ()

    Unfortunately, I did not experience childbirth the way you did. I had to have C-sections with both of mine. They were both 10 lb babies and they had incredibly large heads…and I have a small pelvic area so… With my first son, I remember being incredibly exhausted and just weak. I didn’t do too well with breastfeeding, but I pumped for a month. The day after I stopped pumping, I felt totally different. That weak, rundown feeling was gone. Gabe was a pretty good baby, but he was so big, it seemed like he was hungry every hour! I had Reece 14 months later. I know…gah! I experienced a lot of guilt when Reece was born. Because of the c-section, I couldn’t pick Gabe up for a while (he was a late walker) and I just got really emotional about it. Turns out I had postpartum depression with Reece, but I was okay, with treatment, after a couple of months. I did not breastfeed Reece because I was just too exhausted having them so close together to even try with the breast or the pump. I’m sorry, but a 10 lb baby is incredibly difficult to breastfeed! And Reece was the baby that cried all.the.time!

    Anyway, congratulations! Ethan is beautiful…I know you’re so proud. And thank you for sharing your birth story with us. It sounds like you had a wonderful experience. I wish I could tell you that the time consuming thing gets better. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Of course, this is coming from a mother of two boys who are so close in age, they could be twins! LOL!


  6. rhapsodyinbooks

    Wonderful story and pictures. Congratulations!!!


  7. Amy

    Thank you so much for sharing Trish. I’ve been anxious to find out what happened, and now we know! I am so thrilled for you that itall went so well and everyone is getting into a routine. Congratulations! Amy


  8. bybee

    Congratulations, Trish. Well done! Welcome to the world, Ethan! You’re very cute!


  9. Beth F ()

    Awwww he is just too cute. So glad everything went quickly and fairly easily.


  10. Sandy

    Love the story! It brings everything back to me, even though my oldest is now 13. My water broke at one of my weekly doctor appointments (convenient!) three weeks early. I think my labor was around 9 or 10 hours as well, which still feels long! I know some women talk about the rush of emotion right at the beginning, but hell, you are exhausted, and the doctor is down there with his needle and thread…how can you concentrate? My kids were both jaundiced, so those first few weeks were not alot of fun. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I was cranky. Things only got better after a couple of months. I am so happy for you, and yes, while they take ALL of your time, enjoy it. They grow up fast.


  11. Amanda ()

    What a great story, and always very happy when I see someone go through natural labor. When I had my first son, I was determined to go through natural, and it was only when I was about 8 cm along that I thought maybe I should change my mind, but by that point it was too late. Once I went through the process once, I knew I could do it for the others, include my 10 lb-er third baby. Amazing that your labor went so fast!! That sounds more like a third birth than a first! Very lucky. And I completely relate to the delayed love thing. I was never one to feel an immediate rush of love either. I’m not sure why. Perhaps some of us are just built a little differently? The love is there, but doesn’t always manifest in the same way as with others right away.

    It was great to hear your story, and congratulations again! He’s beautiful!


  12. bermudaonion (Kathy) ()

    Congratulations, Ethan is a doll!


  13. Aths ()

    Wow Trish! Congratulations!! Ethan looks so adorable!


  14. Kay

    Ethan is precious! Thanks for sharing him with us. I had been wondering what was going on in your world and now we know. Babies are a joy, mostly. 🙂


  15. Helen ()

    Congratulations! I am so glad to hear someone else who felt detached and not in love at first, I thought it was just me. But as you know, once it hits, it is so powerful. For me, the most stunning moment was when I realized how much I loved my daughter and that my parents feel that way about me! That was overwhelming. And now, 10 years later, I cannot imagine my life without my child. You are in for such a wonderful and wild ride, treasure every moment (and write down the milestones since you won’t remember them later).


  16. Jaime ()

    Congrats Trish! He’s handsome!


  17. Jeane

    Congrats! He is so adorable. And look at that sweet smile! Wow, you did have a fast labor. I remember my first one- it seemed to go on all day. She weighed the same as Ethan- 9 lbs 1 oz. I think I’m going to be the last one of us (preggy book-bloggers) to have my baby!


  18. zibilee ()

    I was just thinking about you yesterday, and wondering if the baby had come yet. He is beautiful and I loved reading about how he got here. I don’t have any baby stories to share, because I adopted both of my kids when they were about 8 and 10, but I did watch a very young baby for a few months in my home, and have to agree that they are extremely time consuming. I hope that you enjoy each and every day with little Ethan, and that he grows up to be a strong and healthy little boy.


  19. raych ()

    Ok and STILL in my head I think I’ll have tons of free time after I have a baby. Even though I keep HEARING I won’t. Oh brain, you are so difficult to convince of things.

    Your baby is adorable and I want to squish his face.


  20. Chelsea ()

    What an adorable little boy! So glad things went so well for you, and thank you so much for sharing your birthing plan – my fiance and I are trying to decide, when the time comes, whether we want a home birth or hospital birth, and it’s so awesome to see different ways of compromising!


  21. Melissa Sarno ()

    This is fascinating. I know nothing about this kind of thing. Congrats on delivering the way you and Dave wanted to and so quickly! And he is pretty flippin’ cute by the way! Awesomesauce! I’m so happy for your guys. And I love the name Ethan. Love, love, love.


  22. Florinda ()

    Congratulations, Trish, and welcome, Ethan! I’m glad your birth experience turned out so close to what you’d hoped for. Mine? 21 hours of labor that ended with a C-section delivery of an 8-lb. 12-oz., 21-inch-long baby boy. (You’ve met me – not a small baby by any standards, but for me, HUGE!)

    Enjoy getting to know each other! And yes, it’s astonishing how much time something that doesn’t do much more than eat and sleep requires :-D.


  23. Ryan ()

    Congrats on having a beautiful, healthy boy. Ethan is adorable.


  24. Melissa ()

    Trish, he’s gorgeous! I’m so glad for you that the labor went quickly. I can’t wait to see him…let me know when you are ready for a visitor! Big hugs to the whole family! 🙂


  25. heidenkind ()

    He’s so tiny! Congratulations!


  26. Jenny ()

    Congratulations! He was born on my birthday!! What a great day!

    Thank you so much for posting your birth story – I love to hear everyone’s birth story and really, really love your honesty about your emotions when he was born (I felt the same way, and I know lots of women felt that way too).

    Looking forward to many more pictures and stories.


  27. carol

    Congratulations! He’s adorable.

    I don’t actually remember much from when my daughter was a baby. She’s 11 now. Maybe I just blocked most of it out.


  28. Emily's Reading Room ()

    Congratulations! He’s so cute!

    I was a week late and had to be induced. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience for me. But, I remember feeling so much love for my baby. Sometimes I would look at her and cry because I thought she was so beautiful.


  29. Lisa ()

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby. Isn’t it crazy how time consuming they are? I’ve had 3 now and I’m still shocked.


  30. Trisha ()

    Congratulations! He is so adorable!


  31. Julie@my5monkeys ()

    Congrats on the labor that you wanted

    I also think that having baby and all those emotions are totally normal. Having 5 kids and all their labors were all so different. I agree with the little things my husband made me love him more , along with my children. I also so agree with loving the routine.
    My labors went to having drugs with 2 kids, and my last 3 were without drugs because I labored at home. With 2 of my kids I was never admitted after I had the baby.
    Congrats again


  32. Lu ()

    Congratulations, Trish! He’s lovely!


  33. Nancy ()

    You are a trooper! That is completely amazing you planned so well and followed the plan perfectly! If you don’t mind me saying so, first, that is a beautiful baby. Second, he is frickin’ HUGE! I tore pretty good with my first, too (3 plus). It healed up just like my body was built to do! My first three were the most spiritual experiences of my life with an outpouring of love beyond my comprehension. My fourth was a different experience, like you. I felt horrible and off-center. I think my blood pressure plummeted. We now call him “Oedipus.” He’s already informed his dad that when he grows up he’s going to marry me.




  34. Julie333w

    Congratulations! What a cute little man!!


  35. Lisa

    Congrats on the birth of your baby and the quick delivery. I wasn’t so lucky all 3 of mine were C section. I remember my first time the most because I was so anemic after the birth that I passed out in the shower at the hospital, and dizzy for the first 3 months. My baby cried a lot so I remember walking the floor with him as we both cried while my husband slept like a baby


  36. Holly (2 Kids and Tired)

    Congratulations! He’s beautiful.

    My first three weeks with my oldest were spent in the NICU. My first three weeks with my youngest were traditional, spent at home, learning all about him. So different!


  37. Heather Rosdol ()

    So funny! I was thinking of you the other day. When the posts were stopped at 38 weeks I figured you’d had your baby and I knew posting about him was about the last thing on your mind. But I had just run across my birthing plan for my firstborn, now 14. It was so neatly typed up and told exactly what we wanted to happen, but when your water breaks 6 weeks early, they don’t give a damn what YOU want, they care about getting to that baby and getting him on oxygen. My water broke at 7am, by 9am my contractions were 10 minutes apart and I was on the way to the hospital and by 4:15pm my son was born. It was instan love for me with him because they let me hold him briefly before they whisked him away.

    With son number two I started contractions at 8wks early and my water broke in the hospital. I never even got to see him before they took him away and it was days before I could do anything but find a small space somewhere that wasn’t covered with wires or electrodes to rub his skin. When I finally held him, bonding was hard because we were in a huge NICU with all these other babies and parents and nurses and monitors constantly going off. It was actually hard for us the first year. But we finally bonded and we are probably closer than he is to his brother or father. Maybe because we get each other.

    But the one thing I remember most was laundry. Piles and piles of laundry. I never knew one tiny baby could make so much laundry! Make sure to nap when he does. Don’t worry about the house. When people come to see him, let them. Go sit down. And make everyone wash their hands before they touch him. And believe it when people tell you this is the easiest he’ll ever be. I never thought so but Lord this week I’d give anything to have my youngest be that age again! (He’s 11)

    Mostly, have fun. It’s the hardest job in the world but it’s the greatest too.



  38. Amanda ()

    Oh Congrats Trish!! He is so adorable! Thanks for the honest portrayal of your birth because since I’m due this month, I am a bit (ok much more than a bit) nervous.


  39. Amused ()

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet and personal story!

    Ethan is just adorable 🙂


  40. Jess - A book Hoarder

    Congratulations! He is adorable!


  41. Helen Smith ()

    Congratulations! Lovely photos.


  42. Moe

    Congratulations Trish! a lovely boy with a lovely name!


  43. Nadia

    Congratulations!! Loved the pics of your baby Ethan – what a cutie!! And thanks for sharing about your experience – not a lot of women like to do that, so I’m glad you did, because makes me think that I can handle it when I decide to have a baby.


  44. Virginia Bonnett

    Congrats! I love the name Ethan and he is beautiful! Thank you for sharing his birth story. I love hearing birth stories. 🙂


  45. Staci

    Congratulations on a beautiful baby!! He’s adorable and has a great name!!


  46. Susan

    Trish, Baby Ethan is so incredibly beautiful! Congratulations! Those early days are wonderful–but also very challenging. Thank you for sharing these photos. 🙂


  47. Melissa

    Congrats, what an amazing story. I’m not a mom yet, but my sister has 3 kids (#4 is due in August) and all have been home births. She’s also a doula and it’s been eye opening to see how safe and wonderful home births are when you do your homework and have a great midwife.


  48. Christi ()

    Congratulations! I’m glad that you and your husband were able to compromise on your birthplan–and that it went the way you wanted it to! And lucky you only being in labor for nine hours. I started having mild contractions around 9pm on a Sunday and my daughter was born at 2:57am Tuesday morning. Ugh. She was worth it, though! And let me tell you–enjoy that sweetie of yours, before you know it he’ll be all grown up!


  49. Kylie

    Congratulations – he is gorgeous! My first labour should have been very quick, but ended up in an emergency c-section because my son was trying to come out forehead first and just wouldn’t fit! If he’d tucked his chin down they reckon he would have been born in around 6 hours. My second was three hours 45 mins from me saying to my husband I’d had a few pangs and something might happen today to her being in my arms.


  50. Constance ()

    He’s adorable! Congratulations!


  51. Darlene ()

    Awwww Trish, he is absolutely beautiful! And he’s got a great name – it’s one of my faves. I’m glad the birth experience went more or less how you wanted it too. I’m so happy for you both! Congrats!


  52. Bethany Canfield ()

    HEY MAMMA! You have switched over to the dark side!! Now you will be going through the ” what no one told me about the newborn stage” like how much your boobs will hurt, or how much they will grow, or so many other things…..

    All this to say, CONGRATS on your little boy 🙂

    My first was exactly 9lbs. as well!!!!


  53. Anna

    Congratulations! Glad to hear everything went well and that you are settling into motherhood.


  54. Lisa Munley ()

    I have been waiting and waiting for just these kinds of details!! Haven’t wanted to press you for them though because I knew you’d share them here. I’m thrilled for all of you. Ethan is gorgeous. Congratulations, Trish. People can tell you what being a mom is like but since it’s different for everyone, it’s just one of those unknowable things until you experience it for yourself. Hugs and love to all of you!


  55. Kathleen

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby son. My son is 17 now and all I can remember from those first weeks is being tired but also being so happy. Enjoy every minute since the time will go by much faster than you can imagine. Happy Mother’s Day!!


  56. Regina

    Trish, I loved your birth story! So glad you had such a great experience. After having the nightmare first experience I was glad I chose to have Sophia at home and I think EVERY mom drugged out or not thinks more than once in labor that she can’t do it. I know I did.


  57. Alyce ()

    Congratulations! I loved reading your labor & delivery story – thanks for sharing it.

    My first baby was a crier, so my memories of the first few weeks are a haze of sleeplessness and exhaustion, but so many moments of joy mixed in with that too.


  58. avisannschild

    Glad to hear you had a relatively easy labour, Trish, and what a cutie! Congrats again!


  59. Cori ()

    Precious! Glad to hear it went well — he is a beautiful baby. I have had no babies, so I have no advice for the first few weeks. 🙂


  60. Ali

    Aw, congratulations! Love your compromise, even though, 8 cm?!–that’s when I didn’t want to move an inch, much less get in a car and drive somewhere! But I’m glad it worked out well for both you and your husband’s comfort level.


  61. Stephanie ()

    Ohhhhhh, he’s gorgeous! Congratulations, and I love the name- Ethan was one of my choices, although we ended up going with Stuart.

    I’m impressed that you managed the car ride at 8 cm! WOW!!! My water broke with my son at 9 pm, we got to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors at 10:45 (I asked what time it was then), and my son was born at 11:27 pm. He was in one big hurry! 🙂 But the car ride, oof! That was more uncomfortable than the actual labor, I think.

    And I hear you on the non-instant-connection. It took me a few weeks before I really felt it. Mostly I was sitting around topless trying to learn to breastfeed, and dealing with constant breast infections with high fevers. In the summer. With no air conditioning. Woof!

    Enjoy that baby. He’s so gorgeous!


  62. Jennygirl

    Congratulations! Ethan is adorable, and I’m glad you had such an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing your story and chat with you when you can. enjoy this time together.


  63. Andi ()

    Awww! What a cutie he is, and congratulations to you and your husband. I was also surprised by how time consuming a newborn is. And I never took the old “sleep when the baby sleeps” advice seriously enough. The best piece of advice I have for a child in general is: keep to the schedule if at all possible. It makes life SO MUCH EASIER and more predictable. It’ll take a while for that schedule to form, but when it does, it’s heaven. 🙂


  64. StephTheBookworm ()

    Trish, he is PERFECT! I love that picture of him that looks like he is smiling!

    Congratulations! What a story!!!


  65. Lorin



  66. Jessica ()

    Congratulations, Trish! I’m so thrilled for you that your birth went the way you hoped it would.


  67. Trish ()

    Oh Trish–forgive my lateness. I’ve been finding it tough these first few weeks to make it to the computer to comment. Twitter seems to be all I can handle these days. 😉

    Congratulations on a beautiful beautiful baby. Ethan is just gorgeous. Hope all is going well for you. From twitter it sounds though it is. Life certainly has needed to be adjusted, huh? 😉


  68. Amber Stults ()

    I heard on Twitter he was born but didn’t get a chance to stop by until now. Congratulations! He’s quite cute.


  69. Nan

    I’m so behind on my blog reading…

    Your boy is so adorable. Congratulations!


  70. Michelle

    He’s a good looking boy! I’m glad it was a quick labor (for your sake) I don’t know that I’d want anything that painful to be prolonged.


  71. Wallace ()

    Congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing so much with us and being so honest. He’s beautiful. 🙂


  72. Sheila DeChantal ()

    Finally I made it over here to read your post. Congratulations! My boys were quick too… my first son was 6 hours and my second was 4.


  73. stacybuckeye ()

    What a great first birth! And I appreciate your honesty about your lack of the overwhelming adoraton for the baby right away. I had a similar experience. But while you had the all natural labor, mine was pharmeceutical hell. Yours sounds a lot better!

    Congratulations, Trish! Welcome to the roller coaster 🙂 Ethan is adorable.


  74. Jen ()

    Congratulations, Trish! I love, love, love the pics! What a beautiful little boy! I’m sure you are just adoring him right now! What a blessing! 🙂


  75. Jenners ()

    Awww…he is sooo cute! He looks so much like my son at that same age. Just takes me back.

    Hats off to you for giving natural childbirth a go. I didn’t have a choice. My son was in breech position that whole time so I had to have a c-section. I’m such a wuss though that I’m not sure I would have made it.

    Newborns are time-consuming!! I wasn’t prepared for it either despite all my reading beforehand. Nothing can really prepare you I think! It is mind-boggling how much of your life a little baby can take up.

    Congrats to you– enjoy these moments. They do go by so fast. I know that is cliche (I thought so too and it seemed to last FOREVER when I was in the mix of things) but now I can barely remember those newborn days.


  76. Serena ()

    I’m so glad I’ve finally had time to stop here and see what happened during Ethan’s birth. Like you, my labor was quick. Wiggles emerged into the world after just about 7.5 hours. I couldn’t believe how quick it happened and easy.

    Unlike you, I went to the hospital without a midwife — unless you want to call Cris my midwife because I’m sure if he had the medical knowledge he could be one with all of that calm and patience he has. I had prepared myself for pain and no drugs, and could have done it without them if necessary . . . but that wasn’t the case and the drugs were helpful if disconcerting.

    I’m glad that you feel that rush of love for Ethan. I don’t think everyone reacts to their baby the same way. I was more detached while pregnant and hated being pregnant the entire time…once Wiggles was born though, I was a happy little camper if not completely attached to her…

    I hope new motherhood is treating you well and that you are at least getting some work done. It’s a balancing act for sure. Just take it one day at a time.


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