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Catching Up: One Sentence Reviews

I’ve had four books sitting on my desk, waiting to be reviewed, for what seems like forever. I don’t want to move them off my desk until I’ve told you what I thought of them, but in the grand scheme of things, writing these reviews is a low low priority. I was inspired by Lu over at Regular Rumination and her Great Review Catch-Up of 2011. So here’s some very short reviews of the four books that have been begging to be reviewed. I’ll try to keep it to one sentence, but I’m not sure I can do that.

Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson – Full disclosure: I did a blog tour for the hardcover and have put together a blog tour for the paperback. Even so, I really liked the book. The suspense ratcheted up quite nicely, and while I was able to guess the ending, I devoured it pretty quickly. The author does a great job of keeping the reader wondering who, exactly, is the crazy person in the book.

The All of It by Jeannette Haien – I picked up this book because Ann Patchett loves it and I love Ann Patchett. I want to be besties with Ann Patchett. A book club I’m in chose to read it, and it was okay, I thought there were a few things that the author did particularly well, but for me, it was a forgettable book. Patchett obviously disagrees with me, but I hope that she won’t hold that against me when we do eventually become besties.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen – A decent novel, but not one I’ll be pressing into anyone’s hands.

Very Bad Men by Harry Dolan – One of the best books I read in 2011. FABULOUS. Made me go out and buy his first book. A really well written literary mystery. I was wondering why Amy Einhorn (she was the one who published The Help) was publishing a mystery, and now I get it. Love love love.



23 Responses to “Catching Up: One Sentence Reviews”

  1. Sandy ()

    My book club read Before I Go To Sleep. We felt there were imperfections but was a really fast read. And my opinion is that if it is Amy Einhorn, it is a sure thing. This has been proven to me again and again.


  2. bermudaonion (Kathy) ()

    It sounds like I need to pull Very Bad Men out of my stacks and read it soon.


  3. zibilee ()

    I liked Before I Go to Sleep, but it wasn’t my favorite. I do want to try Very Bad Men, just because the title sounds so intriguing, and also because you loved it so much! I am loving the mini-reviews!


  4. Kathleen

    I love these short reviews and will “steal” this idea for my blog in the future. I’m really looking forward to the Watson book tour and my chance to read and review this one!


  5. Audra ()

    I can’t wait for Before I Go to Sleep — sounds so good. I was gifted with Water for Elephants and shamefully, it doesn’t intrigue me — and your comment on it sort of confirms my suspicion.


  6. Beth(bookaholicmom)

    I enjoyed Before I Go To Sleep. It kept me on the edge of my seat! I like these short reviews. They get right to the point!


  7. jenn aka the picky girl ()

    I love these short reviews, and I keep looking for the Harry Dolan and can’t find it. I need to just order it. Thanks!


  8. Virginia

    Hooray for more books to add to my to-read pile!

    Also, on a totally random note, I saw a book on CBS Sunday Morning that I thought sounded interesting and am wondering if you’ve read/heard of. It’s called That Woman:The Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor by Anne Sebba. I was totally captivated by the author’s pitch of her book, so it’s another I’m adding to my to-read list. 🙂


    trish Reply:

    I haven’t heard of it, but I’ll be looking it up now for sure! (that’s a gorgeous cover!)


  9. Leslie ()

    I like the idea of short reviews to get caught up. I may borrow this concept and get 2011 done once and for all.

    Very Bad Men has been sitting in my stack of to-read books for a while now. I didn’t realize it was an Amy Einhorn book.


  10. Vera

    ThiS is an awesome idea I may borrow it as well!


  11. Stacy

    I like the one sentence review ideas! very nice!


  12. Samantha ()

    I loved Before You Go To Sleep and can’t wait to read more by this author. I promptly handed my copy to my Mom and she read/loved it as well. Such a good book!


  13. jennygirl

    Perfect and to the point. I will be looking into Very Bad Men because the title sounds interesting as well. Thanks Trish and hope this finds you and family well 🙂


  14. Alexia561 ()

    Love this idea! Great job on the short reviews!


  15. Frances ()

    I love your blog, Trish. I’m so happy I found it. I’d love to interview you for the Redwood Writers blog I write. Let me know when you’d have time.


  16. Tricia ()

    I will have to look up Very Bad Men…


  17. Rhena Tantisunthorn ()

    Before I Go to Sleep is on my to-read list. I felt the same way about Water for Elephants. Don’t worry, besties should be very understanding of each other’s differing tastes. I’m sure Ann Patchett will still be your bestie.

    I love this blog (which I just discovered) and I love that I found a new title to add to my to read list: Very Bad Men.


  18. Sim ()

    Ahh! Ann Patchett. I think Bel Canto is one of the most glorious books ever written. A worthy bestie to aspire to for sure. Love the 1 sentence reviews. Smart cookie!


  19. Harry Dolan ()

    Thanks for the review!


  20. Sheila (Book Journey) ()

    Like the reviews! I really enjoyed Water For Elephants when I read it years ago.


  21. Megan

    I love your short reviews. Right to the point. I get really frustrated with long reviews, I want to know if I should read it or not, not get the condensed version of the book! It is an art to review a book and I think a lot of reviews just summarize rather that give an idea of what the book is like. Thanks for your brief, artful reviews!


  22. Becky

    I haven’t read any of these yet, but have been dying to read “Water for Elephants.” I hadn’t heard of the other 3, but plan on checking them out. For anyone looking for an intriguing medical/political thriller, with a mix of romance, you must check out “The Rx Factor” by J. Thomas Shaw.


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